Ishvari is a certified Yoga teacher and Tantra Instructor since 2012.

She is also trained in Odissi Classical Indian Dance.

She leads yoga classes, Tantra workshops and women retreats all over the world, mainly in Europe, Thailand, India, Colombia, and Canada. Her work is a unique mixture of Yoga, Tantra, Taoism, and classical Indian dance aesthetics and philosophy, which brings depth and richness to her offerings.

She was part of a tantric community for several years, where she had the opportunity to explore and learn about all aspects of Tantra on a daily basis, and really live her practice.

Ishvari is very gentle and approachable, so people feel comfortable and at ease in her presence, allowing them to fully let go and surrender to the process she is facilitating for them.

She is also the founder of a women's clothing line, Ishvari Creations.

London | Barcelona | New York 

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