Nadia Deen

Nadia “orgasm whisperer” Deen is the founder of AM: Appointment; an uncensored platform offering extensive advice and tips for women and people with vulvas on how to achieve their best orgasm during self play… because orgasms... they’re not optional!


A multidisciplinary British product designer, Nadia knows exactly what makes for a good orgasm, from your tips to your toys.  Previously working at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium in Shoreditch and a Sexplain Ambassador, she studied Fashion Artefact for her Masters with a focus on female sexuality, fantasy and culture. She has dedicated the last few years of her career in encouraging women to invest time and practice in their solo sexual play, with the belief that pleasure is a luxury attainable for all.

When asked about her intentions with AM: Appointment, Nadia stated “ I want to revolutionise the narrative of female masturbation. I am building a community for women who want to or are already having the “bold conversation”  whilst feeling empowered to share and support other women in becoming experts of their own sexual pleasure.”

When not working on her brand, Nadia can be found at home with her cat Stewie, a good book and a large glass of wine.

London | Barcelona | New York 

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