We offer a series of experiences thoughtfully curated with your unique life journey in mind. Find the right fit in our range of experiences, from thought provoking TED-style talks, evening classes, wellness practices,  weekend workshops, dinners with dialogue to 1 to 1 sessions. We have cultivated an environment of discovery, exploration, knowledge and personal development.

Join us to discover, learn and understand your deepest human pursuit: pleasure. Under the expert and intimate guidance of internationally-acclaimed Doctors, Therapists, Scientists, Experts and Thought Leaders alike, and discover the value of pleasure in your life. 


Intimology Institute is an inclusive, judgment-free organization. Through sexual wellness education, talks, workshops, and guided experiences, feel safe and seen whether you want to reshape with your sexual self, or are taking the first crucial steps on your own journey to a healthy sexual identity. 

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our experiences or would like to become a facilitator, speaker or expert

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